quickbooks bookkeeping for dental offices

However, credit score alone does not guarantee or imply approval for any credit card, financing, or service offer. It’s crucial that you maintain customer data confidentiality and comply with HIPAA requirements. dental bookkeeping A data breach can prove extremely costly, especially given the potentially sensitive nature of patient information. You’ll also need frequent backups, which cloud accounting programs can offer automatically.

  • Payroll, bookkeeping and tax preparation are available as add ons.
  • We’ll map your accounts appropriately and show you how to create customized reports and professional invoice templates.
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  • These solutions provide near real-time reporting, and comprehensive drill downs to patient and clinical information by provider, while putting controls in place to help prevent embezzlement.
  • They can provide useful analysis without wasting brain power and billable time cleaning up and interpreting the financials.

As a Certified Fraud Examiner, Susan provides evidence for prosecution and/or civil suit purposes in embezzlement cases, and then provides systems and procedures to protect the practice’s future. Speaking of reports, there are over https://www.bookstime.com/ 100+ reports in QuickBooks Desktop Pro, with only 40+ reports in the Online version. And, again, most QuickBooks Online reports are not customizable. Because they are both from the same parent company, the conversion is easy.

Final quality review check (always go back and check your work!)

The end-of-day procedures include printing the daily deposit report, credit card summary and patient payment plan report; batching out the credit card terminal, and creating a bank deposit slip. Staple the credit card summary, and a copy of the bank deposit slip to the back of the daily deposit report, hand the physical deposit and the reports to the doctor, and you’re done. There is a lot to consider when keeping your dental practice bookkeeping correctly up-to-date. This checklist breaks it down with important steps you can you follow and build on as you work through your own bookkeeping each month and year.

quickbooks bookkeeping for dental offices

To learn more about Susan and how she can help you and your practice, visit com. Very few Advanced QuickBooks Pro advisors recommend the Online version for the reasons above. If your practice is contemplating a move to QuickBooks Online, please email me first and let’s discuss your options. In some ways, living in the information age has made financial organization difficult to track. But making sense (or cents) of it all is a whole different story.