Slime Rancher Free Download

Slime Rancher Free Download: Slime Rancher is a platformer game, but it has some RPG elements as well. It was developed by IllFonic and published by Microsoft Studios. The game features a story, where you play as a character named Beatrix LeBeau. She is a rancher and a scientist, and she is trying to save the planet from the evil creatures known as “Slimes”. There are four main characters in the game, each with its own role. You play as Beatrix, who can use various weapons and gadgets to kill the monsters and complete the missions.

About This Game:

Slime Rancher is the first game in a series of games that were inspired by Super Mario Bros. The player is a small alien from space named Elly who must explore his planet, find a source of energy and save his civilization from ruin. While on his journey, he encounters new creatures and obstacles. The main character has limited movement and power, which means that players are required to think of creative ways to complete tasks.

Slime Rancher Free Download

If the player finds an item, he or she can use it to interact with the environment or solve puzzles. Each item has multiple uses. Items have various effects, and it is possible to collect hundreds of items. The game includes a number of mini-games, including a fishing minigame, a physics-based puzzle game, and an adventure game. The game also includes a number of single-player and multiplayer modes, including local multiplayer over the internet via LAN.

You might have heard about the game, but here are the basic facts.

First, the game contains several elements of first-person shooting, similar to Resident Evil. The first level contains a tower and a flying saucer. To get to the top of the tower, the player must first shoot their enemies and then climb the stairs to the top. Once at the top, the player must shoot their enemies and reach the upper floors to gain access to the control panel.

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Slime Rancher is one of those popular games that combines role-playing with puzzles. The main character of this game is Beatrix LeBeau, a scientist whose parents were killed by a plague on Earth. After this event, Beatrix left Earth and became the leader of her own expedition.

She has lived on this planet for years and she has found a new life here, living alone in her laboratory and trying to figure out a cure for the epidemic. One day, she meets a being called the slime monster and discovers he is responsible for the plague that killed her parents. The monster reveals he was once an ordinary human but the sickness changed him into a monster.

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Beatrix then decides to use the monster’s power to save the world from destruction. She tries to find a way to cure this disease. With the help of the monster, she learns to control his ability and uses it to save people on her planet. Slime Rancher is one of those exciting adventures with puzzles. The player takes control of a character named Beatrix LeBeau, a scientist whose parents were killed by a plague on Earth. After this event, Beatrix left Earth and became the leader of her own expedition.



  • OS: Windows 7+
  • Processor: 2.2GHz Dual Core
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512MB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1 GB available space