Night At the Gates of Hell Free Download

Night At the Gates of Hell Free Download: Jordan King’s new film, Night At The Gates Of Hell will be an unforgettable experience for any horror fan. Inspired by classic Italian zombie films like Lucio Fulci and Bruno Mattei this one promises to have you dripping with blood from the head-to-toe as soon as it starts!

About This Game:

In the tradition of Italian horror movies like Lucio Fulci and Bruno Mattei’s drained victims, Night At The Gates Of Hell promises to be an unforgettable experience for fans of bleak cinema. Inspired by modern zombie flicks from George A Romero (Night) or Shaun OF THE Dead (“Zombie”) this film will have you covered with guts-soaked clothing as well!

Night At the Gates of Hell Free Download

Night At the Gates of Hell was an intense, first-person style Resident Evil game that I created for my final year project at uni. The inspiration came mainly from early RE titles but what challenged me were those pesky zombies – how can you shoot them without any fixed aiming? It took some work!

Jordan King wanted to make a game that would be intense and slow-paced. He created the perfect balance between violence, which makes for a compelling experience with zombies but also other elements such as tactics involved in combatting them

Night At the Gates of Hell Free PC Download

“It’s been done before,” says Jordan about his inspiration for “night at Gates”. While there are many games out on apple store where you play as humans against crowds or herds-the goal being quick deaths; I wanted our landscape different than most—menacing rather than speedy.”

David has been living a life of peace and solitude until the zombies took it all away. He’s now on an adventure to find answers about what caused this apocalypse in his quest for revenge against those who destroyed everything that was once comfortable around him – including himself as well!

Night At The Gates Of Hell is an adventure game that takes place in the dark. You must escape from hell by solving puzzles and fighting zombies who can only be taken down with a shot directly to their heads!

Night At the Gates of Hell Free Game Download

The zombies are coming and you’re running out of time! A first-person survival horror adventure with an 85+ unique model zombie outbreak set in the late, where YOU must use anything at your disposal to survive. Experience classic gameplay that includes all sorts of gross things walking around like intestines or eyeballs on sticks–and even some bloodthirsty humans who want nothing more than brains for their consumption (or maybe they just really enjoy watching people squirm). You’ll have access not only to weapons but also various items such as firearms calls from radio broadcasts which will help keep track so when these monsters come after ya’, there’s always hope… Night At the Gates of Hell Free Download


  • OS: Windows 7 SP1+
  • Processor: x86 32 bit
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities
  • Storage: 2 GB available space