Terror of Hemasaurus

Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip: The third instalment of the Monster Prom series is finally here! This time around you will be taking on an adventure with your friends as they travel across America looking for new adventures. Meet all sorts of monsters along their journey who might join up or just visit while exploring these great states – it’s a chance to see what happens when people come into contact at every turn in this fun packedadventure game where each person has unique strengths that can help them survive against Mother Nature (and other surprises). It sounds like something worth checking out right?

About This Game:

It’s time to go on your very own monster adventure. You’ll make friends with some interesting creatures along the way and learn how be more social in this new world. And of course you still have permission (and opportunity) date hot monsters.

Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip

Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip is set on an road trip where you have to survive. You can date different people along the way but it’s not really your goal at first so much as just getting from place-to-place without being eaten by monsters or worse yet – boring!

The core mechanics are similar: there will be other players around who share this experience with us (and they might even ask, though sometimes things get intense fast because anything could happen out here – including death–so make sure everyone has their seatbelt buckled before setting off.

You and up to three friends will face all kinds of wacky conflicts on the road, such as choosing from options in order repair your vehicle or defend yourself against roadside monsters. If you run out.

Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip

If there’s one thing we know about this world: it needs more adventure! That’s why our newest game is called Monster Prom 3 –

A Road Trip Without Limits (Because if they can have their own movie trailer). You take control over a group od four high school students who are going home after being principals at different events throughout town; but when faced with unexpected turns along route map no longer seems so far away anymore.

The last of our survivors is Dr. Scott, a man who has been onovie since before the pandemic hit and now needs your help to escape from A Co-op Narrative Adventure With Survival Mechanics!

Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip

You can play local or online multiplayer with friends both through Discord integration (which also allows you access any single player content) as well as Online Maps where players battle it out for control over territory mapping areas including cities throughout America which will eventually become safe zones once again – assuming they’re not occupied already.



  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: Anything from the last 5 years
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM S
  • torage: 1 GB available space