Midnight Fight Express Free Download

Midnight Fight Express Free Download: Midnight Fight Express is a crime drama in which one former member of the criminal underworld is lured back into “the life” by a mysterious drone claiming they have until sunrise to prevent a city-wide criminal takeover.

About This Game:

A young man wakes up one morning after a late-night bender with no memory of who he is or how he got there. He tries to find out his identity, but his attempts at solving this mystery lead him to a world of crime.

Midnight Fight Express Free Download

You’re Babyface is a former gang member who was once involved in criminal activities. At the beginning of the game, you wake up with no memory of your past. Your first mission is to find out your identity and who sent you to the world of crime. Your goal is to escape this place and stop the criminal organization from taking over the city.

You’re Babyface has three different levels, each with its boss. Each level is designed like a prison or a cell. When you defeat the boss, you unlock the next level. There is a total of four bosses, and you can use different weapons and items to defeat them.

You play as Babyface, and you have to fight your way to freedom. You’ll need to fight your way through various prisons and cells to escape. You can pick up different weapons and use them to beat enemies.

Midnight Fight Express PC Free Download

Your goal is to fight your way through the game and then escape the prison and the criminal organization. If you die while fighting enemies, you will have to start from the beginning again. You’ll have to clear all four levels to win the game.

Your mission is to escape from the city and avoid getting captured. You’ll need to protect yourself from criminals. You can use your weapons to defend yourself. You should be ready to fight to survive.

There are four bosses that you must fight to escape from the city. Your first goal is to beat the first boss, the one who controls the city. To beat him, you’ll have to get past the first level. Your next goal is to beat the second boss. To do this, you’ll have to fight through all four levels and defeat the second boss. The final goal is to beat the third boss, and the last level is the hardest. You’ll have to fight your way through all four levels to save the city. If you die during a fight, you’ll have to start from the beginning. You can beat the game if you are smart. You will have to learn how to use your weapons and other things.

Midnight Fight Express Free Game Download

You can choose from various weapons, such as pistols, machine guns, assault rifles, and rocket launchers. You can use them wisely to defend yourself and fight your enemies. You can also buy new weapons and items to help you fight. You can use the money that you earn from the missions to buy weapons and items. You can also buy items with real money. Midnight Fight Express Free Download igggames


OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i7-7500U (2 * 2700) or equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620 or equivalent
Storage: 7 GB available space