Astronite: Explore a world map with over 100 stages, where you can find new items to help on your journey. Explore different locations in the astral plane by running and jumping from platform-to-platform as well as use them for puzzles too.

About This Game:

Imagine a world where you are the only survivor. Your home, everything that was once yours is now infested with strange creatures who want nothing more than to capture and catalog every last shred of human knowledge within their Database Corp empire.

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You have one chance at saving everyone from this fate: explore an abandoned space station left behind by previous inhabitants as well recover all artifacts they may hide among its ruins… but there’s no time for leisurely pursuits–you need quick feet if Medicine Man has any hope against such powerful foes.

The planet has been taken over by an invasive species, and you are one of the last remaining humans. You must explore every corner to find clues about how this happened in order stop them before it’s too late!

In their journey across space-time (and beyond) these creatures left behind a trail filled with secrets including power ups that can help me on my quest for survival against impossible odds…I mean really hard bosses who want nothing more than clear skies without any pesky meteors ruining everything again.

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The people of Neplea have a final chance to decipher the entity that dwells in their world. 2205 is when all hope seems lost, but with new determination these ancient beings will not fail where others failed before them.

When the people of Neplea were being overwhelmed by an unstoppable army, they called upon their greatest heroes to save them. The one who answered was Astronite – a Space Adventurer with ambitions beyond saving lives; he would need all that power if it were needed for protection too! 

Now CTBoys has fashioned him into our latest action figure: bravely facing down threat’s both foreign and domestic in order keep us safe from those trying desperately (and illegally) seize control over what should remain ours alone.

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The map is full of secrets and challenges. There are also echo doors that only the most intrepid explorer will be able to discover! Get your hands on power ups by playing through this creative adventure from zeeWave sound, or original score created especially for it’s unique setting.



  • OS: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Graphics: 256 MB or higher
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
  • Sound Card: any